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  • 4.90 out of 5

    Thermapen® Professional Thermometer Mk4

    $189.00 $159.00

    The Thermapen Professional thermometer (formerly known as MK4) is a state of the art digital cooking thermometer. This professional quality instrument is so fast that it’s commonly referred to as the “Lamborghini” of food thermometers.  New features make the Thermapen MK4 better, faster and easier to use than ever.

    • Patented, automatic 360° rotational display
    • Readable display in the left or right hand
    • Auto intelligent backlight
    • Waterproof to IP66/67
    • Improved battery life of 3000 hours

    Made in England

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  • 5.00 out of 5

    Ironstone Cut Resistant Gloves Pair (Level 5)

    $24.99 $19.90


    • Meets standard EN388, level 5 cut resistance standard, protecting your hands from scrapes and cuts
    • 100% proven for safety gloves – they are food safe cut proof gloves
    • Perfect for slicing, oyster shucking and cutting for kitchen users,pumpkin/wood carving, carpentry
    • High polyethene performance – makes it breathable, highly elastic, lightweight and comfortable
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  • 5.00 out of 5

    Lavatools Javelin Thermowand Cooking Digital Thermometer


    The JAVELIN is a very fast thermometer that folds out and stores in a compact form. It has a wide temperature range that is comparable to our top of the range thermometers. The display shows crisp, large numbers that are easy to read. Includes a lot of little niceties and safety features.

    • 4 second response time
    • No Calibration Needed
    • Guaranteed accuracy for the products entire lifetime
    • Easily adjustable to F°/C° Controls
    • Splash resistant
    • Antimicrobial additive to inhibit 99.9% of pathogen growth
    • Temp Range: -40°F to 482°F (-40°C to 250°C)
    • Magnetic strip for Easy storage & Attachment
    • Best Instant-Read Thermometer for the Home Cook
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  • 4.60 out of 5

    NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Pair



    High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade. 

    • Provides extreme comfort and ergonomic touch sensitivity for maximum grip and accuracy
    • Highly durable, light weight and machine washable
    • Made from food grade polyethylene and cutting edge silica based breathable fibers
    • Ideal for use when preparing food, but can be used for a variety of applications
    • Awarded with EN388 level 5 cut resistance, meaning they are four times stronger than leather
    • Extremely comfortable — ergonomic design for efficient grip while using
    • Protects your hands from sharp knives, peelers, graters and zesters.

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  • 5.00 out of 5

    Thermoworks ThermoPop® Pocket Thermometer


    The first rotating display pocket thermometer, the ThermoPop is another innovation from ThermoWorks. A simple button press rotates the display in 90-degree increments. Hold the ThermoPop in either hand or read it when it’s upside down. Any angle is convenient!

    • Super fast reading – 3 to 4 seconds
    • Rotating display
    • Left and right-handed use
    • Splash-proof design
    • Big backlit digits
    • Temp range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
    • Switchable °C/°F

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  • 5.00 out of 5

    Ironstone Knife Sharpening Stone – 1000/6000 Grit

    $89.00 $66.75

    • Includes two-sided 1000/6000 grit whetstone with a sturdy bamboo holder.
    • Easily sharpens any blade whether your everyday kitchen knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, chisel, scissors or razors.
    • Slip-resistant rubber base ensures non-slip grip keeping your 
    • Quick, safe, and easy to use
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  • 4.67 out of 5

    DOT Probe-Style Thermometer

    • Ultra simple to use – only 2 buttons
    • Uses Pro-Series temperature probes
    • Probe cable survives 700°F
    • Big digits are seen from a distance
    • Splash-proof, commercial durability
    • Adjustable alarm

    thermoworks warranty

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  • 4.33 out of 5

    Ironstone Heat Resistant Gloves Red/Black Pair

    $49.00 $29.00

    With heat resistance up to 932F (500C°), these gloves are perfect for:

    • Perfect for oven baking, hot pots, grilling, barbecuing and woodstoves.
    • Adjusting logs in the fireplace
    • Touching scorching hot utensils or food while boiling or frying
    • Changing light bulbs
    • High quality aramid fibres for insulation and cotton and polyester lining
    • Designed for mobility and flexibility in mind
    • Food grade silicone layer
    • Machine-washable, and can be easily hung on the line to dry.
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  • 5.00 out of 5

    ChefAlarm Thermometer and Timer

    • Includes backlight & calibration function
    • Suitable for commercial & home kitchens
    • Adjustable 92dB audible alarm
    • Max/min temperature display
    • Easy to read LCD display
    • Splash-proof design
    • Uses Pro-Series® temperature probes
    • Includes 6-inch Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe, Probe Clip, and Padded Zip Wallet

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  • 5.00 out of 5

    Protective Zip Pouche – MK4

    • Protective Cover to suit the Thermapen MK4, Alert Thermapen and BBQ Thermapen
    • High Quality
    • Light Interior Padding
    • Vinyl pouch with zip closure
    • Carrying loop
    • 35 x 65 x 170mm in size


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  • 4.60 out of 5

    Ironstone ThermaMate™ Pro Instant Read Thermometer

    $59.00 $44.25

    ON SALE NOW – 25% OFF!

    The Ironstone ThermaMate Pro is the perfect companion for any Australian kitchen, be it in a professional or domestic setting. This digital thermometer changes between C° and F° with a push of a button and takes measurements within 3 seconds to deliver an instant reading that is accurate to within ±1°C.

    • The range of -50°C~230°C (-58°F~446°F)
    • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • Instant reading within 3 seconds
    • Auto on/off function inbuilt
    • Waterproof design
    • ‘Hold’ function to pause temp reading
    • Food grade stainless steel with the antibacterial coated probe tip
    • Magnet inside and hook for easy storage
    • Back-light option
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  • 4.50 out of 5

    Pro-Series® 6″ High Temp Cooking Probe

    • Cable Max Temp: 700°F (370°C)
    • Transition Max Temp: 644°F (340°C)
    • Probe Range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
    • Cable Length: 47 inches (1.2m)
    • Warranty: 6 months
    • Works only with ThermoWorks Smoke, ChefAlarm® and DOT®
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