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ICE BATH CALIBRATION for Your Thermometers!

Over time and as a result of drops and other kitchen mishaps, some thermometers (particularly dial thermometers) can become less accurate and require recalibration. Although digital thermometers like the ThermoPop and especially the Thermapen ...

Steakchamp Giveaway

Just use the Coupon code below in the checkout and enjoy this great tool. SteakChamp2016 Valid till 30th November 2016. Product Link: [wsp_quick_order_form id=”11073″]

5 biggest Mis-Steaks

The 5 biggest Mis-Steaks people make when cooking Steak Cooking The Perfect Steak isn’t rocket science, it’s much harder than that. Even Leonardo Di Vinci chose the easy option of designing a helicopter rather ...

Meat cuts to Cook Perfect Steak

It’s excellent to involve some idea of the sort of steaks you’re thinking about buying before going to market. At least you have to know, how much steak you need, how you might prepare ...

New Pro Surface Thermapen

Pro-Surface Thermapen surface thermometer for grills and hotplates Measure the temperature of griddles, cooktops, hotplates, and other surfaces with higher accuracy than an infrared thermometer with our new Pro-Surface Thermapen. There are no emissivity ...

Aussie Flag – Superfast Thermapen

Good news for all the steak lovers now you can buy Thermapen with Aussie Flag on it. You wouldn’t believe how many Thermapen’s we sell in Australia! So, after U.S. Flag and then a ...

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