The Perfect Steak eBook

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The BEST DIY guide ever written

  • Steak cooking Tips and Tricks
  • Selecting the best Oil for grilling
  • Turning and Resting – what works and why!
  • How to select steak and avoid buying the wrong cut of meat
  • The biggest mistakes most people make when cooking steak (and let me tell you there are some doozies)
  • How to classify a Medium-Rare from a Medium or Medium-Well
  • And much, much more!



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Product Description

Cooking “The Perfect Steak” is the Holy-Grail of grilling and something 99% of people never Master.

Today is your opportunity to share the secrets from some of  the worlds leading Master-Chefs when it comes to cooking The Perfect Steak.

Now for the first time EVER you have the chance to learn the best secrets never before shared about How To Cook Steak Perfectly…

“Next time you’re cooking a steak for your family or friends, how do you want it to turn out, tough and tasteless or tender and delicious?”

I think I know the answer already but let me tell you something that has taken me years of my life to learn… Cooking The Perfect Steak isn’t that hard.  In fact, if I was to distill it all down I’d say there are basically three key things you need to know & manage.  I call them The Three BIG T’s. They are:

  • Timing
  • Temperature
  • Thickness

I won’t lie to you though.  Mastering The Three BIG T’s has taken some time.  I lost count long ago, but to work out the system, I estimate I’ve cooked in excess of 500+ steaks, each one, standing there with a timer in one hand and a thermometer in the other  – measuring, monitoring testing and trying again.

What you’re downloading here is a copy of our first eBook, How to Cook the Perfect Steak.  The new book is with the editors and we expect it to be ready as both a downloadable eBook and hard-cover within a few weeks.  In the meantime, we’re offering our first book which contains a wealth of great steak cooking tips at half price.  Do yourself a favour, pick up a copy today at HALF PRICE and get started right away with some of the best steak cooking secrets you’ll ever come across.