Ironstone Cut Resistant Gloves Pair (Level 5)

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  • Meets standard EN388, level 5 cut resistance standard, protecting your hands from scrapes and cuts
  • 100% proven for safety gloves – they are food safe cut proof gloves
  • Perfect for slicing, oyster shucking and cutting for kitchen users,pumpkin/wood carving, carpentry
  • High polyethene performance – makes it breathable, highly elastic, lightweight and comfortable

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Product Description


The Ironstone Cut Resistant Gloves are perfect fit for every hand. Australia’s best selling cut resistant gloves. Ironstone gloves are snug fitting, lightweight and flexible allowing for maximum manual dexterity. The knitted construction allows maximum flexibility, breathability and comfort. Stretch-to-fit comfort designed for ultimate cut free security.

These gloves are designed for food preparation, wood carving, whittling, hobbies and crafts and anything else you can use a knife for.

Machine Washable: Ironstone Gloves are machine washable or they can just as easily be cleaned while hand-washing dishes and utensils in the sink.

Ironstone Gloves provide an extra layer of protection in the kitchen when slicing, chopping, peeling and grating. Ironstone Gloves give you maximum protection, comfort and flexibility while using razor blades, handling or installing glass, HVAC, sheet metal and other sharp cutting objects.

CAUTION: Ironstone Gloves are cut resistant, NOT cut-proof or point puncture resistant. Never use with serrated blades or power tools.

Length: XS 15cm | S 16cm | M 17cm | L 17.5cm

Ironstone Cut resistant gloves

Additional Information

Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions1 × 22 × 10 cm




These gloves are designed to reduce, not eliminate, the risk of injury when using sharp object such as knives.  They are designed for home usage only and care must still be taken when using them as cuts can still occur.  They do not guarantee that you will be completely unharmed in all situations.  In an accident situation, wearing these gloves may reduce but not eliminate injury. 

Ironstone Cut Resistant Gloves are not made to protect against stabbing or a puncturing actions with a sharp point.  They have a knitted construction and the fibres can become damaged if a blade moves back and forth over a single spot.  This can lead to a hole which will then greatly reduce protection.  If your Cut Resistant Gloves do become damaged during use, they should be discarded and not used again. Children using the gloves must be well supervised as accidents can still occur. These gloves should never be used with power tools. After use, hand wash in warm water and mild detergent. Drip dry.  Do not iron or machine dry.

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