NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves with Micro Grip Dots – Pair

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves with Micro Grip Dots – Pair

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High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade. 

  • Provides extreme comfort and ergonomic touch sensitivity for maximum grip and accuracy
  • Highly durable, light weight and machine washable
  • Made from food grade polyethylene and cutting edge silica based breathable fibers
  • Ideal for use when preparing food, but can be used for a variety of applications
  • Awarded with EN388 level 5 cut resistance, meaning they are four times stronger than leather
  • Extremely comfortable — ergonomic design for efficient grip while using
  • Protects your hands from sharp knives, peelers, graters and zesters.

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Regain your confidence in chopping and slicing with gloves made of materials 4x stronger than leather

NoCry cut resistant gloves with micro grip dots lets you handle your grater, knives, and mandolin without worrying about having to bandage a finger or worse… make a trip to the ER.

Made of food safe ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fibre, and spandex, these gloves have been designed to resist cuts from even the sharpest blades. You can feel secure in knowing they have an EN388 Level 5 cut protection rating. Your NoCry cut resistant gloves will reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious injury if accidents happen.

Work faster and safer with gloves that fit like a second skin

What’s more of a hassle than working slowly because you’re afraid you’ll cut yourself?
It’s trying to maneuver a blade with an ill fitting glove on your hand.

Compared to bare hands, the silicone micro dots overlaid on your NoCry gloves makes keeping a firm grip on slippery and awkward items a snap. You’ll be able to complete tasks more quickly and accurately while avoiding nicks and cuts. The thinness and micro size of the silicone dots will not interfere with the dexterity of the NoCry gloves in any way.

For ease of use, these gloves are machine washable.


This glove will fit hands with a palm 8.4 – 9.7 cm and the length is 18cm.

Provides maximum grip and precision

NoCry cut resistant gloves with Micro Grip Dots offer a much tighter and better grip when handling food items (such as meat and produce) compared to using your bare hands, or the original NoCry gloves. This allows for you to cut, chop, slice and dice with confidence while moving quickly and accurately, and the lightweight materials won’t cause fatigue. They will reduce the risk of injury and enable you to focus on the task at hand.


These gloves are not designed to be cut proof, but cut resistant. Their design is such that they can turn what may have been a serious accident into a minor scratch or maybe even no cut to the skin at all. What they do is take the hit from the blade and prevent it from reaching the skin. Even if a hand gets damaged through the gloves the injury will be much less serious than it would be without the gloves. It’s important for wearers to understand that they are designed for risk minimisation but that a sharp enough blade can still cut and stab through them.

100% safe for preparing food and great for other jobs too

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NoCry Gloves 5 Star Reviews

can’t say how cut-resistant these are (because I don’t intend to purposely try damaging them, and hope not to accidentally cut them either), but *assuming* they do provide a lot of protection, I am impressed with the price, looks, fit and feel.

When I saw that there was a “small-medium” and “medium-large” rather than an actual “small”, “medium”, “large” size set, I expected them to fit as poorly as most gloves fit my small-ish hands. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised! My hands are 6.5 inches from “heel” to tip of middle finger, and my palm’s about 3 inches across. The small-medium fits near perfectly. There’s an odd amount of excess length on the pinky (maybe other people have longer pinkies than I do?) and an insignificant amount extra on the index finger, but the other fingers go right up to the tip and fit snugly. This is so important because, when gloves don’t fit right, you feel clumsy and unable to use your hands like you normally would, and thus tend to want to just rip them off and go barehanded instead.