Recently I was travelling in China and at the restaurant I was staying in I saw a sign saying:  “Tonight’s Special Steak BBQ” so naturally I had to give it a try.  The video below I filmed on my phone which isn’t great quality but you still get the idea.

First we were seated at large semi-circular grill.  We were each served a (warm) beer but with some ice so I guess that made it ok.  Our chef for the evening, Judy, then got started on cooking us our steaks.  First she fried some garlic and placed on one side of the plate.  The other side she sprinkled with pepper.

Next the steaks were put on the very hot stainless steel cooking plate.  Once they were turned over Judy sliced each steak into cubes.  She then generously applied salt and pepper.  Next was something which I like to do and really make the steak taste great.  She melted a large knob of butter and drizzled it over the cut steak.  Finally a drizzle of soy sauce and the steaks were gathered up on a flat spatula and served.  I loved the garlic on the side but if I had one criticism it would be that they were a little peppery for my taste but what a great experience.