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The Perfect Steak Co. Warranty Claims

The Perfect Steak Co. Warranty Claims

The Perfect Steak Company extends manufacturers warranties on the range goods it sells as per manufacturers instruction. As we source products from a large number of manufacturers, different warranties and warranty terms apply to different products. Warranty periods, and what makes a valid warranty claim will vary and are at the discretion of our suppliers and manufacturers, not The Perfect Steak Co. Of course The Perfect Steak Co we will do everything we can to help you with your warranty claim and act on your behalf with the brands.

In most cases, if a warranty claim is to be made you should contact us here at The Perfect Steak on 02 8711 8999 or service@theperfectsetak.com.au and describe the problem. In instances where a legitimate warranty claim seems likely and/or as per the various supplier’s directions, we will provide you with our Reply Paid address to return the item to us at our cost. From there an assessment will be made as to the validity of the warranty claim. Warranty claims are extended from the manufacturers for faults and defects. If the product is deemed to be misused and not faulty upon assessment by the brand distributor or owner, you as the customer will need to bear the delivery cost of returning it to you. Warranty claims do not cover items damaged or broken through misuse or accidental damage. More details about can be found at our Terms and Conditions.


The Perfect Steak Co will replace any goods that arrive at their destination faulty or damaged, provided a claim is made within 48 hours from the parcel being delivered and signed for. To confirm the damage, we require a photographic evidence. Once received, we will arrange for a replacement to be sent out free of charge. In most cases, we will not require the damaged item returned to us, however, we reserve the right to inspect the goods before issuing a replacement. We also request that you keep the damaged item until we can confirm that we do not require it to be returned. If we do require the damaged item to be returned, we will cover the cost of its return. Customers are not charged for returning a damaged item to us.



The Warranty Terms below have been provided to us by various manufacturers and relate to specific product and product lines. Please read these term and ensure you are comfortable to abide by them before going ahead with your purchase. Please feel welcome to call us any time during normal business hours 02 8711 8999 to discuss these terms if they are unclear or if you have specific questions.


ETI Thermapens

The Manufacturer extends a 2 Year Warranty on the device and a 6 Month Warranty on the Probe. Probes are not covered under warranty if they have been damaged due to overheating. If you believe you have a valid warranty claim please send your Thermapen along with a copy of your purchase receipt and your contact details to us at:

The Perfect Steak Company

41 Lancaster Street

Ingleburn 2575

Once we receive your Thermapen we then forward it to the authorised ETI service agent in Australia. It is entirely at their discretion as to whether a warranty claim is valid. The Perfect Steak Company makes no determination in this regard. As per our service agreement with the manufacturer, we send the Thermapen to the Australian service agent for testing and assessment. This can take 1-2 weeks. We are bound by their decision to repair, replace or reject the warranty claim. Once they have done a technical assessment they will advise us of what needs to happen next and we will advise you. If they authorise us to replace the Thermapen under warranty we will send a new one to you at our cost including the shipping of the new Thermapen to you.

Products from Thermoworks including;

  • Thermopops,
  • Chef Alarms,
  • Time sticks,
  • Dots

The Perfect Steak Company has a Service Agreement with Thermoworks in the United States to distribute their products in Australia. This agreement states that if a customer has a warranty claim they must contact Thermoworks directly. Contacting us or sending the item back to us can void the warranty claim. Please read and follow the instructions below as given to us by Thermoworks if you have a warranty claim relating to one of the above products;

Customers should email Thermoworks direct at techsupport@thermoworks.com. The Thermoworks Tech Support team will deal directly with the customer and advise The Perfect Steak Company as required. Include proof of purchase, date of purchase and details of the problem.

Dalstrong Knives

Dalstrong authorise The Perfect Steak Co. to extend a 30 100% Day Money Back Guarantee on their range of knives. Certain knives in the range have a Lifetime Warranty against manufactures defects (see individual product pages). Dalstrong Infinity blades are made from zirconium which is a ceramic material which is extremely hard but under certain circumstances, can be brittle. The manufacturer states that because of it’s unique construction if it is used in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer (such as to cut bones, for chopping or if the knife is dropped, the blade can chip, pit or even break). Used in these methods, if a blade becomes damaged this can void its warranty. Warranty claims are extended on Infinity blades at the discretion of the seller and in consultation with the manufacturer.

NoCry Gloves

NoCry gloves, like any other protective equipment, are not indestructible. Users can’t let their guard down while using them. They are designed to protect your hands from bad injuries in case of accidents, but that doesn’t mean they’ll keep you 100% unharmed in all situations. If a glove does becomes damaged during normal kitchen use, such as getting a nick in the material, this is not considered a warranty claim.


The Perfect Steak Company is an authorised retailer for LavaTools. All Warranty claims must be processed via the official LavaTools Warranty website. If you believe you have a faulty Javelin or Javelin Pro, use the official link above. All warranty claims must be initiated through their website by filling out their official form below. If a valid warranty claim is authorised Lavatools will advise how to proceed.

Link: https://www.lavatools.co/pages/warranty 

Steak Champs

All steak champs are sold on an AS-IS basis and come with no warranty.