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    The Original SizzleStone ™

    • Dry heat locks in the natural juices and flavours
    • Cook steak to perfection from rare to well done
    • Perfect for a dinner party, barbecue, or family dinner
    • Easy to clean and fun to use
    • The most interactive, social, and memorable way to serve and cook food
    • Cook the perfect rump, sirloin, ribeye, tuna, salmon, and even vegetables
    • Evenly distributed heat for a reliable, enjoyable, and relaxing cooking experience
    • The temperature of 440°C gives a cooking time of 45 minutes
    • Original SizzleStone includes a bamboo platter, food-grade basalt heat stone, stainless steel tray, and ceramic dishes
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    Ironstone Thermamate Pro Grill Kit


    This pack includes the following:

    • Ironstone Thermamate Pro Instant Read Thermometer – Valued at $59
    • Ironstone Heat Resistant Gloves Red/Black – Valued at $49
    • Ironstone Aussie Grill Surface Thermometer –Valued at $21


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    Ironstone BBQ Chef Gift Pack 2 – Chef’s knife 9.5 inch

    • Ironstone Grand Series Chef’s knife 9.5 inch
    • ThermaMate Pro
    • Personally Autographed Your Perfect Steak Book
    • Aussie Grill Surface Thermometer
    • Ironstone Heat Resistant Gloves

    Bonus Silicon Gloves

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