Scotch_v_Eye fillet

This is a question that I get asked quite a lot so I decided to write a quick article explaining the difference.

The first difference most people notice between a Scotch Fillet and an Eye Fillet is the price.  Typically a slice of Eye filet steak will be twice as expensive as a slice of Scotch Fillet steak and it’s important to understand why that is.

Firstly, let’s talk first about what they both have in common.

  • They’re both regarded as Primal Cuts of beef or cuts considered to be of the highest quality.
  • Both score high for flavour and both are considered to be very tender.
  • Both cuts come from areas of the animal which don’t actually do much work in terms of supporting or moving the frame therefore when cooked, the muscle is tender not tough.

Scotch Fillet – Sliced

Eye Fillet – Sliced

That’s about it when it comes to similarities.  Now lets talk about the differences.

Basically the Scotch Fillet and they Eye Fillet are completely different.  The Scotch Fillet comes from the forequarter of the animal in the rib section.  In fact a Scotch Fillet is a Rib-Eye steak just with the bone removed.  If the bone was left in would be sold as a Rib-Eye or Cowboy cutlet.  With the bone out it becomes a Scotch Fillet or Boneless rib-Eye.

The Eye Fillet comes from the hind quarter of the animal.  It is the strip of muscle tucked in against the backbone.  When removed in it’s entirety it looks a bit like long cylinder, thicker at one end than the other.  This muscle does very little work and is considered to the most tender cut of meat on the animal.

BUYING GUIDE:  If you’re looking to buy a tasty steak to cook then either a Scotch or Eye will work really you just simply need to know what you’re getting.  It’s a common practice for meat providores to slice and wrap a Scotch Fillet with cling film altering its natural shape into the shape of an Eye-Fillet.