Pro-Surface Thermapen surface thermometer for grills and hotplates

Measure the temperature of griddles, cooktops, hotplates, and other surfaces with higher accuracy than an infrared thermometer with our new Pro-Surface Thermapen. There are no emissivity adjustments to make or infrared distance measurements to calculate. Simply open the probe and measure.

Unlike separate probe and meter combinations, the Pro-Surface Thermapen is calibrated “as a system” for better accuracy. With the same swivel tip as our popular bell surface probe, you’ll get solid contact with the measurement surface.

The Pro-Surface Thermapen reaches temperatures to 572°F and includes a calibration certificate traceable to NIST. Each one is hand made and calibrated in England and made with a high performance type K thermocouple for top precision.

Designed for industrial use, the Thermapen body is splash-resistant. No buttons to press or learn. Swing open the probe and the Thermapen is on. No cables or plugs to wear out. The probe folds away for protection when not in use eliminating costly replacement probe purchases. For high temperature use order a protective silicone rubber boot for added thermal and drop protection.


Customize your Thermapen with micro configuration switches in the battery compartment. Switch from °F to °C, disable the auto-off, change resolution from 0.1 to 1, or perform a calibration trim.

For unmatched performance and convenience, order a Pro-Surface Thermapen for all of your locations and improve the performance of your heated equipment and surface measurements.

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