The grading system of beef is a measurement tool for measuring the quality of the beef. In short, there are two prime factors that USDA evaluates to grade the beef- fat marbling and meat’s maturity. It has been found that these two measurable factors collectively judge the quality of the beef. Usually, the higher grading or higher quality beef come from the young cattle which provide much fat marbling.

In order to have the grading of beef, manufacturers need to hire the grading inspectors to judge the meet at slaughterhouse. Once the grading is done, the manufacturer is required to label the grading of the beef on the package so the customers can check before they buy.

Here are the beef grades classification and what they signify?

U.S. Prime:

The beef with this grade termed as the best one having high level of fat marbling. Tenderness level of the meat will also be high. However, only 2.9 % beef accounts for this grade in U.S. Hence, it is usually reserved for the high end dining purposes.

U.S. Choice:

This grading is given to the beef which has good volume of fat marbling but less than the U.S. Prime. These are available in supermarket and restaurants, customers can easily avail them. Supposedly, 50 % beef accounts for this grade in U.S. In other words, it could be regarded as the best and economic alternatives of U.S. Prime.

U.S. Select:

In layman language, most of the U.S. citizens find this one more economical and of good quality beef. Simply, it has much less volume of fat marbling and low amount tenderness but indeed could be the best choice of the people who prefer to have economic option of having a good quality beef.

U.S. Commercial and U.S. Standard:

The beef of this grade has very low volume of fat content and low volume of tenderness. Usually, the store owners labeled the brand name on the package of meat and sell them with their brand name.

Overall, this grading system is extremely useful for the customers as it informs the customers about the quality of the beef they are purchasing. Moreover, it helps them to determine value of the money, they will receive. However, regulations and norms of grading could be more sophisticated in upcoming times.