What types of cooking thermometers are essential for your kitchen?

Are you unable to manage the surface temperature of the grill while cooking? Then you must start using cooking thermometer by thermapen and make delicious dishes of your choice. Below have been discussed some of the types of cooking thermometers that is very much essential for your kitchen.

Thermometer for grill surface

Do you use barbecue in your kitchen to cook delicious dishes made of red meat or pork? Have you ever experienced difficulty in measuring the temperature of the grill surface? Every barbecue apparatus comes fitted with a thermometer which can only measure the temperature of the air below the apparatus. To get the accurate grill surface temperature, use the above thermometer that is made from bi-metal. Just place the thermometer above the grill and check the temperature on its dial.

Super fast cooking thermometer

The above is a type of cooking thermometer that is extremely popular among home users. It has a robust look and is also water proof in nature. No need to worry if a splash of water falls on the above cooking thermometer. The above thermometer accurately and quickly measures the temperature of the food that is being cooked in your kitchen. The thermometer does not have any cables so you can use it single handed only.

Thermometer for grilling

This is a type of thermometer that is very much essential while grilling. You can get the temperature of the food that has been cooked on a grill.  For example to take the temperature of a pork dish, you must place the fork of the thermometer upto 1/5 inch inside the pork and note its temperature.

Pop up timer

The above is a kitchen tool that is used to measure the temperature of cooked turkey or chicken. The device is made up of nylon that does not affect the food you are cooking. While cooking if the temperature of the food reaches to the desired temperature then the thermometer pops up. This gives an indication that the dish is already cooked.


The above is a type of thermometer that displays the temperature of the food that is being cooked, within 3 to 5 seconds. It has a probe that can be easily inserted inside the meat, chicken or turkey to get the accurate temperature. With the above thermometer you can even measure the temperature of chicken breast that has been sliced in to small pieces. You can get rid of the issues like under cooked   and over cooked of favorite dishes.

Thermistor thermometer

This is a type of cooking thermometer that uses resister to measure the temperature of the food that is being cooked. The probe that is attached with the thermometer is about 1/8 inch and cam measure temperature within ten to twelve seconds. You must put the tip of the probe in the center part of the dish that is being cooked to get accurate temperature. The above thermometer is used to prevent over cooking of a certain dish.

You must purchase the above thermapen thermometers from a reputed departmental store or through various online reputed sites. Use the thermometers to prevent your favorite dish from getting burnt or over cooked.