The Three Most Important Things To Remember When Cooking The Perfect SteakHow to cook perfect steak

There are three most important factors play a crucial role in making your steaks delicious, tender and juicy namely, time, temperature & thickness.  You need to understand the significance of these three factors and control when cooking steaks.

To be more specific, we are talking about the time it takes to be cooked, the temperature of the grill surface, and the thickness of steaks. The recipe, cooking style and taste preferences vary from person to person, but it is imperative to be sure, that your steaks are well cooked.

Significance of Time

You will need some time for cooking steaks perfectly.  Generally, chefs turn the steak three times during the process, and therefore, you need to keep eyes on your kitchen clock to bring perfection to your steak cuisine.  If you are not comfortable with watching clock repeatedly while cooking, consider buying a timer.

There are different types of timers are available such as count up, count down. You may difficulty watching countdown timers than count up, as you have to work backwards which need some calculation. However, countdown timers have an alarm, which alerts the user when it reaches the specified end time.

Significance of Temperature

You need to buy on grill surface thermometer, which sits down on the actual grill or pan surface. When the temperature needle comes around the defined temperature (400˚ F or 204˚C), you can move ahead with the cooking process.

One common misconception with frilling is using a thermometer to measure the temperature in the hood to calculate the temperature of grill surface. These two are entirely different temperatures and you will end up with wrong temperature if you use this method.

Significance of Thickness           

It is an evident fact that the thicker you cut the meat, the longer it will take to cook. Therefore, you should know the right thickness of the steak for perfect grilling. For a well-done steak, you should cook for about 4-5 minutes each side, depending upon the thickness.

Whether you like a butter-soft fillet steak, tasty sirloin or thrifty cut, you have to pay attention and take care for a perfect steak. Timing, temperature and thickness are keys to make delicious, well-cooked and juicy steaks.  Keep the afore-mentioned tips in mind when cooking the steaks in order to cook it perfectly, and avoid getting substandard taste. You can try different steak recipes, but you have to be careful about all these three factors when trying any recipe.