SteakChamp The Ultimate Steak Thermometer, 3 Colour, Black, 3rd Generation 2018

SteakChamp The Ultimate Steak Thermometer, 3 Colour, Black, 3rd Generation 2018

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The Perfect Steak Company is excited to be the first to offer this incredible New SteakChamp to Aussie Chefs. This patented steak thermometer uses not one but 3 LED lights to tell you when your steak is perfectly done. Whether you prefer Medium-Rare, Medium or Medium Well, all you do is sit back and relax and, when the light blinks, your steak is done! The New Steak Champ works on the BBQ, the grill, in the oven or on the stove top. It’s great with steaks but also works perfectly with duck, fish and game-meat.

The new SteakChamp is the perfect gift for anyone who loves their meat cooked perfectly. Made in Germany and now available in Australia.


  • Intelligent electronics: measures core meat temperature along the entire length of the probe, not only at the tip.
  • Color-coded LED flashes when your meat is ready.
  • Cordless probe with unique heat resistance up to 900°F.
  • Safe and hygienic high-grade stainless steel. Built-in battery lasts up to 10-20 years (minimum 1,000 steaks).
  • 5 year warranty (domestic use).
  • Black holder is magnetic. Stick it on your refrigerator for easy access.
  • For beef or salmon/ tuna steaks, loin of pork, game or lamb or whole (large) fish.
  • Use on your BBQ, fry pan, broiler or oven.

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Take the guesswork out of cooking perfect steaks every time without making multiple, juice-draining cuts. Simply insert the cordless stainless steel probe sidewise into your raw steak and place it on the grill/ frying pan. The color-coded LED flashing light tells you when to remove your steak from the grill (flash starts) to allow it to enter a resting phase, where the steak continues cooking off the heat (carryover cooking). When flashing signal stops, resting is over and your meat is ready to enjoy. Green flash = medium rare (125°F), yellow = medium (140°F) and red = medium well (153°F). Grilling multiple steaks? Just use one device to monitor them all.


  • #GERMAN PRECISION | GET THE PERFECT STEAK: SteakChamp is the ultimate steak thermometer for cooking every steak to just the right point. Engineered in Germany, its color-coder LED light indicates when your meat is ready with extreme precision. With three set temperature (green=medium rare, yellow=medium, red=medium well) you will always get your steak to your personal perfection. 
  • #SUPREME HEAT RESISTANCE | UP TO 900°F: This high-grade stainless steel thermometer surpasses all other steak thermometers when it comes to it’s superior heat resistance feature. If you think 900F is too much for the mighty SteakChamp to handle, then think again!
  • #ENJOY DECADES OF STEAK: SteakChamp is designed with an advanced built-in energy-saving battery which lasts for 10-20 years (based on 1-2 steak per week). Count on SteakChamp to help you achieve tender steak, game, duck, and fish today, and for many years to come!
  • #NO CORDS | NO PROBLEMS: The SteakChamp thermometer features a convenient cordless design for your grilling, searing and roasting needs. Now you can maneuver your way through your steakcapades with complete control and effortless ease.
  • #EXCLUSIVE 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Every SteakChamp purchase is covered with a 5-year warranty. Buy your SteakChamp today with full confidence!
….FAST DOUBLE FLASHING SIGNAL ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••
….Remove the steak from the heat at the fast double flashing signal. Let the steak
….rest until.the fast double flashing signal stops (approx. 3-6 minutes).
grün .GREEN: medium rare (MR)
.The steak is ‘medium rare’ when the green double flashing signal stops.
gelb .YELLOW: medium (MED)
.The steak is ‘medium’ when the yellow double flashing signal stops.
rot .RED: medium well (MW)
.The steak is ‘medium well’ when the red double flashing signal stops.

Active signal (about every 8 sec.): 
After activating the SteakChamp flashes green briefly every 8 seconds. This green active signal is replaced by the fast green double flashing signal. If you continue cooking, the active signal is yellow. After the yellow double flashing signal the active signal changes to red.

The pre-programmed core area temperatures of the SteakChamp can be used for beef, game or salmon steaks, for breast of duck or whole (large) fish.

We fixed the core temperatures with an international team of experts (star chefs, steakhouse chefs, steak and meat experts from the USA and Europe).

Use our recommendations as a reference or determine your own favorite degree of doneness for your steak. The SteakChamp reaches the temperatures in the table at the end of the resting phase, when the double flashing signal stops.

Please note: Meat is a natural product and the optimum cooking result (with the same core temperature) may vary according to the amount of fat, breed, age, feeding and meat hanging process.


The activator comes with every SteakChamp set. It has three important tasks:


SteakChamp switches off automatically:
– After use: approx. 5 minutes after the cooking process
– When not in use: after approx. 30 minutes without temperature increase



You have friends round for a meal and want to cook several steaks of similar thickness?
One SteakChamp is all you need as a reference because the steaks reach their degree of doneness at the same time.

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The SteakChamp functions with advanced and extremely energy-saving LED technology and therefore has very low electricity consumption when used around 1,000 times. The battery cannot be replaced.


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